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New York City’s Premier Solyx Window Tinting Contractor

New York Commercial Window Film is New York City’s leading source for Solyx window tinting and is trusted by businesses all across the city. We are the largest supplier of Solyx window film in the state of New York and have access to all the latest styles and prints. Whether you’re looking for a decorative film for your lobby, conference room, or a private office space, we can provide you with the perfect Solyx window film to meet your design needs.

Glare Reduction Film in New York

Why choose Solyx window tint?

Stylish and affordable, Solyx window tint takes architecture to new heights by adding beauty, privacy, and visual interest. Solyx window films provide the perfect way to section off areas of your building or enhance the look of your interior. They can be applied to nearly any flat surface on the interior of your building and can be easily removed when a design change is desired. Whether your goal is to create privacy, promote your brand, or simply spruce up the look of your building, Solyx window films can get the job done.

Advantages of Solyx Window Film

Installing a solyx window film can provide many advantages for your business. Solyx window films distort views without obstructing light and provide the perfect way to create privacy and alter the aesthetic appearance of your building. And they’re available in tons of different styles so you can get the exact look you want based on your preferences and needs.

    • Provides an affordable way to decorate interior spaces
    • Creates privacy without blocking natural sunlight
    • Alters views without creating a closed off feeling
  • Adds color, dimension, and aesthetic appeal

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Simple. Beautiful. Functional. Solyx Decorative Window Film


Solyx window film is a definite leader in the decorative window film arena and one of the best choices for applications both residential and commercial here in New York and across the US.  With extensive options for visible light transmission, it lets you to choose how little or how much light penetrates through your windows, while also providing a myriad of privacy levels.  Some of the decorative window films from Solyx eve fit niche applications–from cloaking films that block out screens and monitors only, to whiteboard films that allow for space and cost-effective solutions to providing whiteboard space in commercial settings.  Additionally, the number of colors, looks and finishes are virtually unlimited. This means you get the very best aesthetics for the windows on your New York home or business with no sacrifice in functionality. To see just how lovely Solyx window films for yourself, explore the gallery below or click here for a full catalog of Solyx offerings.

Solyx Decorative Window Film Gallery


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