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Commercial Window Tint for Glare Reduction in New York City

Trying to work on a computer or watch tv in direct sunlight can be difficult when too much glare is present. Commercial window tint provides New York City business owners with a way to reduce glare and improve screen viewing comfort. Window tint decreases glare by up to 87% by filtering and softening light. From sports bars and cafes in Manhattan to office buildings in downtown Brooklyn and schools in the suburbs, buildings of all types in New York City can enjoy the benefits of glare reduction window tint.

Glare Reduction Film in New York

Use electronics comfortably.
In today’s modern world, screen viewing activities are a normal part of everyday. We rely on electronics for business and enjoyment and it’s important to be able to view electronic screens comfortably. Window tint provides a solution that can make screen viewing activities more enjoyable. It reduces up to 87% of glare and helps to facilitate the use of electronic devices.

Prevent eye strain & fatigue.
Glare isn’t just distracting, it can also create more serious issues like eye strain and fatigue. When too much glare is present, people overwork their eye muscles and exhaust their bodies trying to see what’s on their screen. Window tint can help prevent this type of fatigue and keep your employees working comfortably and productively.

Enjoy the views & sunlight.
While many people turn to blinds and curtains in effort to reduce glare, these types of window coverings can create a less than desirable aesthetic affect since they block out light and outdoor views. Window tint allows your employees and customers to enjoy the beautiful views of New York City and provides ample amounts of natural light.

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