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Window Film: A Comprehensive Business Solution

The business world is demanding, but with window film, you can tackle all your challenges with confidence and ease. Window film provides New York City business owners a comprehensive solution for enhancing the aesthetic appearance and performance of their building. It creates privacy for conference rooms and lobby areas, improves hvac efficiency, increases employee productivity, adds an additional layer of security, and more.

Whether you’re seeking a solution that can help you save money on operational costs for office in Manhattan or are looking for a way to make your Bronx area school safer and protect your staff and students, there’s a window film out there that can get the job done. Window film is available in a variety of styles and appearances and makes an exceptional addition to buildings of all types.

Applications for Commercial Window Tint in New York City

From high rise buildings in Midtown Manhattan to retail stores on Madison Avenue and apartment buildings in Downtown Brooklyn, commercial window tint offers benefits for buildings of all types in New York City, including schools, transit systems, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and more.

offices_buildings_New York_window-film

Office Buildings

Window tint offers a multitude of benefits for New York City office buildings. It saves money on energy costs, increases employee productivity, reduces glare, and more. From high rise buildings in the Silicon Alley area to private offices on Wall Street, window tint is a smart choice for office buildings of all types in New York City.

Retail_New York_window-film

Retail Stores & Malls

Window tint brings retail stores and malls to life by creating compelling graphics and eye catching displays. Not only is it a great tool for decorating, but it’s also a smart way to protect your retail store from uv damage and smash and grabs. It’s an all around winning solution!

Restaurants_New York_window-film

Hotel & Hospitality

Window film provides a sure way to get ahead in the hospitality industry. It can help protect the privacy and safety of your guests, save money on heating and cooling expenses, and give your space an elegant, sophisticated look that your visitors are sure to love.

Restaurants_New York_window-film


As a restaurant owner, it’s your job to uphold New York City’s long standing reputation for being the culinary capital of the world and with window film, you can accomplish the task with ease! Window film makes an exceptional addition to restaurants of all types, including bars, cafes, and pubs by adding beauty, security, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Schools_New York_window-film

Schools & Universities

Window tinting offers New York City schools a budget friendly solution that can help save tons of money on energy costs each year and keep staff and students safe. Window tint controls the sun’s glare and heat, allowing school hvac systems to work more effectively and also protects against accidents and injury.

arena_New York_window-film

Arenas, Venues & Stadiums

Safety and energy efficiency are both major concerns for stadiums. Stadiums consume vast amounts of energy and are also targets for terrorist attacks and shootings. Window tint helps protect stadiums and saves money on energy costs. It’s perfect for New York City sports arenas, concert venues, stadiums, and more.

security_tinting_New York_window-film

Secured Buildings

Police stations, prisons, banks, and military bases are just some of the many types of secured buildings in New York City that can benefit from window tint. Window tint deters break and enters, makes office spaces more comfortable, reduces glare, and more. It’s the perfect way to add energy efficiency, security, and decoration.

Mass Transit_New York_window-film

Mass Transit

Studies estimate that 55% of New Yorkers use public transportation, which is a percentage far greater than any other US city. Window tint provides transit systems with a way to protect passengers, prevent vandalism, and save money and makes an exceptional addition to airports, bus stations, subways, and more.

Government Buildings_New York_window-film

Government Building

Window tint can help make your government office more productive and protect against intruders, vandalism, and forced entry. Window tint increases natural brightness in building interiors and creates a strong, tear resistant barrier that protects against accidents, break and enters, and natural disasters.

Museums_New York_window-film

Museums & Libraries

From Broadway to the Museum Mile, theaters, art galleries, and museums all over New York City can enjoy the benefits of commercial window tint. Window tint adds artistic flare and beauty and can be custom printed in a variety of colors, textures, and shades. It’s perfect for fun projects like decorating and remodelling as well as more practical uses such as security and energy efficiency.

catholic-church_New York_window-film


Our company is proud to partner with New York City churches, temples, and religious buildings on commercial window tinting projects. We offer a wide range of window tinting options for churches, including several different styles of solar control, security, and decorative window tint. Our window films can completely transform the look of your church and help you save money!

Discover a window tinting option that’s right for your business. Call New York Commercial Window Film to schedule an appointment for a free onsite consultation or receive an estimate on window tint in New York City.

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