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Commercial Window Tint for Energy Savings in New York City

As advances continue to be made in the world of architecture, more and more businesses are switching to commercial window tint for energy savings. Commercial window tint helps New York City businesses save money on energy costs by adding insulation that prevents too much heat from being lost or gained. It’s perfect for commercial buildings of all types from office buildings in Lower Manhattan to hotels in Times Square and even schools, banks, museums, and more.

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Save up to 30% on energy costs.
While summers in New York City can be warm and humid, winters are often frigid and snowy and the extreme weather changes can increase the run time of your hvac equipment, costing you a fortune. Window tint provides a solution that can save up to one third on your business energy costs and provide you with a full payback in as quick as three years.

Optimize temperatures & lighting.
While traditional window coverings cause you to block out the views and light in order to stay comfortable, window tint does not. Window tint filters and diffuses light, allowing it to dissipate evenly throughout the room while blocking out excess heat.

Improve office productivity.
Not only can energy saving window tint reduce your operational expenses, but it can also help your business become more successful by making your employees more productive. Window tint amplifies the presence of natural light, allowing your employees to receive all the benefits of the sunlight and become more energized and focused.

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