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3M DI-NOC: New York’s Preferred Method for Remodeling & Renovating

Outdated features and damaged surfaces are an eyesore in commercial properties. They quickly detract from the overall appearance of the space, and leave a negative impression that turns away customers, tenants, and employees. But why waste good materials when you can recycle and refinish them! New York Commercial Window Film is excited to offer DI-NOC Window Film for all of your remodeling, renovating, and refinishing needs in New York City. Update unfashionable features like old cabinets, counters, and floors with ease. And repair over-used surfaces like bookshelves and desks without having to replace them! DI-NOC provides an easy way to improve aged furniture, fixtures, and features made from natural materials.

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DI-NOC presents an innovative solution for refinishing surfaces that have suffered wear and tear or have fallen out of line with current aesthetic trends. Replacing cupboards, wood floors, granite counters, and other hard furniture is time-consuming and expensive. Not to mention, manufacturing replacement items and extracting natural resources harms the environment. DI-NOC Window Films are a more efficient and eco-friendly way to update building interiors and improve their appearance.

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DI-NOC Window Film Options

New York Commercial Window Film maintains a close relationship with the 3M Group, the manufacturer who produces DI-NOC Window Film. We have access to 3M’s entire line of DI-NOC Architectural Finishes including the following styles:

  • Wood Grain
  • Matte Series
  • High Gloss
  • Metallic Wood
  • Single Color
  • Fine Wood
  • Aged Metal
  • Leather
  • Haku/Metal Leaf
  • Nuno/Textile
  • Metallic Hairline and more

Where to Use DI-NOC in Your Commercial Property

DI-NOC Window Films can be applied in your New York property to any hard surface and even some semi-soft surfaces. The ideal application is a surface made from a natural material such as wood, metal, ceramic, or stone. Most property owners use DI-NOC in simple ways, like to repair scratched wooden doors or chipped tile floors. But some property owners choose to get creative and use the film to construct unique borders on walls or windows or add color and texture to surfaces. These surface films are so versatile, there’s really no wrong way to use them!

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3M DI-NOC Resources & Brochures

Check out these resources and brochures to get more information on DI-NOC and its many uses:
DI-NOC Brochure
DI-NOC Presentation
DI-NOC Technical Data

Start Planning Your Renovations!

Start planning renovations for your commercial property today! Call New York Commercial Window Film to chat to a designer about your needs and ideas. We’d be happy to send someone out to your property to take a look at your space and give aesthetic suggestions. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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