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Solar Gard Window Film

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Solar Gard Safeguards New York Commercial Buildings

New York is one of the largest cities in the country and every day its commercial buildings consume massive amounts of resources. Solar Gard Window Films offer New York commercial property owners a green solution that can help direct businesses towards more sustainable practices. By purchasing Solar Gard Window Film, you are not only taking steps to protect your property from human and natural threats, but you are also protecting the environment, wildlife, and wilderness areas. Solar Gard films are engineered with sustainability in mind, and are helping businesses all over the globe become more eco-friendly and prepared for the future.

solar gard window film new york

Solar Gard Window Film, an Avant-Garde Solution

Solar Gard Window Films are a direct product of Saint Gobain, a globally renowned company focused on creating sustainable architectural solutions. Solar Gard Window Films provide New York business owners with a way to safeguard their property from daily hazards and intense solar heat. These innovative, powerful glass coatings eradicate imperfections in commercial properties by addressing the many common concerns that arise with single pane windows. Whatever your needs are, Solar Gard offers a solution. Solar Gard films help keep schools safe, protect retail buildings from crime, and help small businesses thrive and succeed by lowering the threshold for operating costs.

Features of Solar Gard Window Films

With Solar Gard Window Film, you can attain peace of mind knowing that your business is safe and secure at all hours of the day. By reinforcing glass and casting off harm-causing uv and infrared radiation, Solar Gard films protect your business, helping your company to thrive and prosper.

  • Equivalent to SPF 285 for buildings
  • Dyed, metalized, nano, and multi-stack options available
  • Protection from break ins, weather, and glass trauma
  • Up to 30% reduction in energy use for commercial structures
  • Premium panoramic window films provide excellent heat control

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