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Window Tint for New York City Government Buildings

Government buildings contain sensitive data and information that needs to be kept secure. Window tint provides New York City government buildings with an advanced level of security while also blocking excess heat and uvs and reducing glare. It can be a useful defense mechanism for police stations, courthouses, military facilities, and post offices as well as many other government buildings. Security window film works 25/7, protecting your facility, data, and employees at all hours of the day and night.

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Window Film Benefits for Government Buildings

Bomb threats and terrorist attacks are a major concern for government buildings. While these events may seem unlikely, the simple fact is that they do occur, often at the most unexpected of times. Window film provides a solution that can help mitigate damage from blasts and shootings, keep government employees and occupants safe, and provides many useful advantages including:


  • Bomb blast protection: Blasts can be deadly and create vast amounts of damage. Window film provides blast protection by absorbing energy from impact and holding glass fragments in place.
  • Break-in defense: Intruders lurk around waiting for the right moment to make their move. Window tint can help protect your building from break and enters and prevent robbers from getting inside.
  • Energy savings: It can require massive amounts of energy to power computers, security systems, and lighting. Window tint cuts down on energy expenses by up to 30% each year.
  • Privacy & decor: Window tint makes it easy to create privacy for individual office spaces, storage areas, and break rooms. It can be added to nearly any glass wall partition or surface for a stunning visual effect.


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New York Commercial Window Film is proud to offer professional window tinting to government buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and the surrounding areas. Call our office today to receive an estimate on window tint for your New York City government office or building.

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