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Bomb Blast Protection Window Tint for New York City

Your employees want to know that they’re in a building that’s safe. And you need to know that your business, equipment, and products are well protected. Bomb blast protection window film can provide your New York City building with the high level of security and protection you need to keep your business safe from all types of dangers. Bomb blast protection window film minimizes the damage from blast impact by holding broken glass in place. It’s perfect for New York City schools, airports, banks, high rise buildings, and more.

Broken shop window Film in New York

Prevent blast related injuries.
During a blast, one of the biggest dangers is not actually the blast itself, it’s damage to the structures that are impacted from the explosion. Blasts can send lethal glass shards flying everywhere and create serious hazard for those inside your building. Bomb blast protection window film retains glass shards that result from blasts and helps decrease the risk of injury.

Control damage from impact.
An attack on your building could not only be dangerous for occupants, but it could also have serious consequences for your business. It can take time to repair damage from blasts, which means it may take time before your business is back up and running. Bomb blast protection window tint can help mitigate damage from blasts by absorbing impact and preventing your windows from shattering.

Protect against intruders.
In addition to protecting against blasts, bomb blast protection film can also help protect your building from forced entry. Bomb blast protection film creates a thick, tear resistant barrier that makes it difficult for intruders to enter through broken windows, providing additional time for the police to arrive on the scene.

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