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Restaurant Window Film for New York City

Installing restaurant window film for your New York City bar, cafe, or eatery is a great way to increase profits and provide your guests with a more enjoyable experience. Window film helps eliminate glare, allowing your guests to watch sports games or work on their tablet or computer more comfortably, and also makes ordinary single pane windows far more energy efficient. At New York Commercial Window Film, we carry a wide selection of window films that are perfect for using in a restaurant, including static cling films, vinyl graphic decals, frosted film, and custom printed styles.

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Window Film Benefits for Restaurants

Window film can provide numerous benefits for your restaurant and help you cut down on expenses and increase profits. Window film makes glass stronger, more attractive, and energy efficient, providing guests with a safe and enjoyable dining experience. From fine dining places in Brooklyn and Queens to coffee shops and cafes in downtown Manhattan, restaurants of all types in New York City can enjoy the incredible benefits of window tint which include:

  • Theft & vandalism protection: Restaurants are notoriously targeted by thieves and vandals and are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of the big city. Window tint can help keep your restaurant safe and protect your bathroom mirrors and stalls from scratching and graffiti.
  • Climate control/uv protection: Window tint allows you to use the power of the sun to your full advantage and save money on energy costs while guarding against uv radiation. Window film increases natural brightness while blocking out excess heat and uv rays, saving money in more ways than one.
  • Decoration & branding: Adding decorative graphics or signage to your restaurant is easy with the application of a decorative window film. Just select the text or graphics you need and we’ll have the film custom printed and installed on your building!

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