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Window Tint for New York City Secured Buildings

At New York Commercial Window Film, we take safety matters very seriously and understand the importance of having a good security system. We’ve installed security window film for several New York City secured buildings, including police stations, banks, jails, and data centers, as well as many other commercial and industrial buildings. Our window films provide an advanced level of security while also adding energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal and are available in a variety of styles offering varying degrees of protection. When you choose us, we will work closely with you to find the right security film based on your budget and the unique needs of your facility.

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Window Film Benefits for Secured Buildings

You need the peace of mind of knowing that your data and building is protected and your staff needs to know that they work in a building that’s safe. Window film can provide you with the security and peace of mind you need so that you can go about your tasks without worry. In fact, security window film offers many benefits for New York City commercial and government buildings including:


  • Vandalism protection: Window tint can help keep the metal railing, bathroom mirrors, and elevators in your building graffiti free. Window film conceals graffiti and covers scratches and marks, making surfaces look brand new.
  • Blast mitigation: Blasts can be devastating at minimal, if not deadly. Security window film mitigates damage from blasts and attacks by holding glass in place, preventing shards from becoming deadly projectiles.
  • Safety/security: Window tint can provide the protection your building needs to be secure 24/7. Window tint minimizes damage from accidents and extreme weather while also protecting against intruders.
  • Additional benefits: In addition to providing security, our window films also protect against uv rays, add privacy, and save money on energy costs. To learn more about the full benefits, just contact our office!


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