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A Guide to Commercial Window Film Pricing in New York City

There are many factors that can determine the cost of window film pricing. However, at New York Commercial Window Film, we understand that in some cases, it may be useful for our clients to have a general idea of what to expect for the cost of their project. The following information should act as a guide to help you understand the factors that control and determine window film prices.

Selecting the Right Film for Your Building
There are many different options for commercial window tinting, all of which vary in their appearance and capability. It’s important to make sure you select the right film so that you can achieve the outcome you desire, whether it’s to protect against uvs, make aesthetic adjustments, or save money on energy. First, and foremost, you should determine what your goals are. Then, you can discuss your goals with your project manager who will help you find the right film.

Determining the Cost of Installation
Once you’ve selected a film, you need to factor in installation costs. There are typically three main components that affect the cost of a window film install. These include the cost to manufacture the film, the scope of the work being performed, and the quality of the workmanship provided.
Cost of manufacture: While cheaper films may seem more attractive due to their low price, it’s important to know that these films do not perform as well or last as long. High grade films cost more because they are manufactured using better materials like precious metals and ceramics.

Scope of project: Projects that are larger in size may take longer to complete, require more staff, or use larger amounts of film or primer. However, large commercial projects are sometimes eligible for a discount on these services.
Quality of workmanship: The quality of the work being performed should also be considered. A smaller company may have more affordable pricing, but may not produce as high caliber results. A reputable contractor will be well equipped with plenty of staff, have more years of experience, and may also provide a warranty with their work.

Price Estimates for Different Types of Film
Knowing the exact price of a film can be useful for determining the cost of installation. Different types of film are made with different materials and work differently, so prices do vary. However, there are some general price estimates for each film:

Spectrally selective: cost ranges from $9-18 per sq ft; used for blocking uv rays and heat to prevent fading and discomfort

Low-E: costs around $20 per sq ft; used for four season climate control and energy reduction

Safety/security: ranges from $8-16 per sq ft; used for strengthening glass and protecting against accidents, injury, and intrusion

Bullet resistant: costs around $125 per sq ft; used for enhancing glass and window film products for ballistic resistance

Security attachment systems: costs $2-5 per linear ft; used to firmly attach and secure window film in place for added protection

Decorative/frosted: cost $6-12 per sq ft; used for creating aesthetic alterations like adding privacy, creating logos, etc.

*Prices vary and should only be used as a guideline for calculating costs

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