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EnerLogic Window Tint Helps New York City Save Year Round

New York’s weather can be brutal, but with EnerLogic window tint, your New York City business can save money on energy costs year round. EnerLogic window tint offers New York City schools, office buildings, and commercial structures a solution that boosts window performance through all four seasons. EnerLogic films lock warmth in during the winter and reject excess heat through the summer, making sure your space stays comfortable and energy efficient regardless of the weather outdoors. With EnerLogic film, you can feel confident braving the storm and the summer heat too!

What makes EnerLogic different?

EnerLogic window films are different because they’re one of the very few window films that work year round. Most traditional films only work one way and reject heat all the time which can be problematic for regions that experience cold winters. EnerLogic films, on the other hand, are dually effective at blocking and retaining heat when needed. EnerLogic films are created with a special low-e coating that allows them to control heat and bring interior temperatures to the optimal setting.

Advantages of EnerLogic Window Film

If you’re looking for an energy efficient window film, EnerLogic film is definitely an option you should consider. EnerLogic films provide a year round solution for improving indoor comfort and energy efficiency while providing the added benefit of uv and glare reduction. Available in both clear and tinted options, EnerLogic films make an exceptional addition to any commercial building.

  • Provide a full payback in three years or less
  • Save 5-15% in overall energy expenses
  • Boost window insulation by 92%
  • Save up to 30% on heating costs
  • Save up to 20% on summer cooling costs

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