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Anti Graffiti Window Film for New York City Commercial Buildings

Graffiti can not only ruin the look of your business, it can also cost a fortune to repair. The team at New York Commercial Window Film is fully prepared to find you with the graffiti protection solution your business needs. We carry a wide selection of surface window films and anti graffiti window films for New York City schools, transit systems, office buildings, and commercial structures. Whether you need to make repairs to an elevator or escalator that’s been damaged by graffiti or are looking for a way to protect your exposed stainless steel kitchen, we’re confident we can find the right window film for you.

anti-graffiti-window-film-scratches Film in New York

Remove graffiti with ease.
Trying to remove graffiti with paint thinner or a graffiti removal spray can be a pain. And if done incorrectly, it can result in damage that’s worse than even before. Window film provides a solution that can help you make graffiti repairs with ease. Simply use the film to cover any graffiti and remove and replace it when it gets damaged. It’s that easy!

Save money on replacement.
Oftentimes the damage from vandalism is extensive enough that repairs cannot be made. The other option is to replace the damaged item, but this can be an expensive and time consuming task. Window film provides an economical alternative that can help you save money on replacement costs and easily restore damaged mirror, metal, or glass surfaces.

Protect your reputation.
Graffiti affects more than just your wallet. It can also ruin your reputation. When people see a building that’s ridden with graffiti, they assume that it’s unsafe or unclean. Window tint can help save the reputation of your business so you don’t lose out on profits. Anti graffiti window tint repairs vandalism damages in a pinch and is perfect for metal signs, public bathrooms, bus stops, and more.

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Don’t let graffiti ruin the reputation of your business or burn a hole in your pocket. Let the team at New York Commercial Window Film go to work to find a solution that can help protect your business from vandalism. Call our office today to receive an estimate on anti graffiti film in New York City or schedule an appointment for a free onsite consultation.

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