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Ballistic Resistant Window Tint for New York City

New York Commercial Window Film is proud to partner with C-Bond Systems to bring the most advanced ballistic resistant window tint existing on the market to New York City schools, businesses, and government facilities. Ballistic resistant window tint is a system of window film combined with a scientifically advanced priming agent called C-Bond that increases the strength and flexibility of glass to make it shatter resistant. Using nanotube technology, ballistic resistant window film systems alter glass at the molecular level by reinforcing its structural integrity and eliminating natural imperfections. They are, essentially, the ultimate security window film system.

Safety & Security Film in New York

Protect against danger.
Life is full of unpredictable events. There’s no telling when a disaster will present itself, but with a ballistic resistant window film system, you can be prepared for when it does happen. C-Bond ballistic resistant window film systems are the only window film technology that’s been government tested and proven to increase the strength of glass. They’re so effective that they can resist even the most deadly forces, including 140 mph winds, gunshots, and explosions.

Prevent glass related injuries.
The number one cause of injury during blast related events is due to broken glass. When glass is impacted hard enough, it can shatter into millions of tiny pieces that are cast off at high speeds. This broken glass can essentially become lethal projectiles and harm those it contacts. Ballistic resistant window film systems hold broken glass in place and help prevent glass related injuries and damage.

Minimize operational down times.
While the danger from a blast or attack can be alarming, the aftermath can be equally as serious. Blasts can do major damage to building interiors and make spaces uninhabitable for extended periods of time. Ballistic resistant film helps to minimize the damage from blasts by absorbing impact and securing glass shards safely within the film.

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