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Commercial Window Tint for Elevator Refinishing in New York City

If you have an elevator in your hotel, office, or commercial building that is scratched or damaged, our company can help you with the repairs and make your elevator look brand new. We carry a large selection of window tint that’s perfect for refinishing stainless steel, aluminum, and glass elevators. Our surface films discreetly hide elevator damage and can save hundreds of dollars on repairs. Let our team go to work to find the right solution for you!

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Eliminate scratches & damage.
Window tint can help you get rid of unsightly elevator scratches in a pinch! Window tint is perfect for concealing all types of elevator damage, including marks from paint, marker, or pen, scratches, acid etching, and even small dents or dings. Simply select the film style that matches your elevator or have a custom film print and apply it to the damaged surface. It’s that easy!

Save money on elevator repairs.
Many times people think that the only way to fix elevator damage is with replacement. Unfortunately, replacement parts for elevators can be quite expensive. That’s why window tint is a solution that makes sense. Window tint is a very affordable product and can be used for almost any style of elevator, old or new, and can save hundreds of dollars on costly repairs.

Protect against vandalism.
In addition to concealing existing marks and scratches, window tint also protects surfaces from future damage. Window tint is very thick and durable and has the ability to resist even the most deep etching. Once applied on a surface, it protects the underlying metal panel or fixture from being damaged. If the film gets tagged or scratched, you can easily remove and replace it.

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