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Office Window Tint for New York City

Managing an office is no easy task, but at New York Commercial Window Film, we have a solution that can make your work life easier. Our office window tint can make your New York City office or commercial property safer, more energy efficient, and help your business save tons of money.

We carry a wide range of window tinting options that can be used for creating privacy, preventing vandalism, protecting against uvs, and adding energy efficiency including traditional neutral and reflective tint as well as colorful and exciting decorative options such as frosted film, textured film, custom graphic prints, and more.

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Office Window Film Benefits

From high rise buildings in the bustling Wall Street area to small private offices and collaborative workspaces, office buildings of all types in New York City can enjoy the benefits of window tint. Window tint provides an easy and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency and aesthetic appearance of your windows and offers office buildings many benefits including:

  • Climate control: Whether your office has single or double pane windows, window tint is a smart choice for energy efficiency. Window tint can help your office stay warm during New York City’s cold, snowy winters and save money on summer cooling expenses.
  • UV protection: While the sun’s light is beautiful, the effects of uv rays can be brutal for office furniture and flooring. Window tint filters out 99.9% of uv radiation, keeping your office beautiful and vibrant.
  • Safety/security: Window film can help protect the expensive equipment and valuable items in your office by adding security. Window tint hinders intruders and prevents glass from breaking, helping to protect office employees and interiors.
  • Privacy & décor: If you’re looking for a way to add privacy to your conference rooms or are interested in adding professional looking logos or signage to your office door, window tint can provide the perfect solution. Window tint makes an exceptional addition to any office by adding privacy and beauty and creates a professional, upscale look.
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Office Energy Efficiency & Climate Control

Keeping energy costs to a minimum is a challenge for many modern office buildings. Modern buildings that have floor to ceiling glass and/or multiple windows are prone to experiencing temperature fluctuations due to poor window insulation. Our energy efficient window films offer a solution for improving window performance without having to replace the glass. With an average payback of 2-5 years and up to 35% annual savings, they’re an excellent option for New York offices of all types.

  • Reduces solar heat gain by up to 78%
  • Saves around15-35% on energy expenses per year
  • More affordable than window replacement
  • Perfect for glass walls, skylights, doors, windows, and more
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UV & Glare Blocking Film

Glare is a typical problem for offices with south-facing windows and those that get a lot of afternoon sun. This constant exposure to sunlight not only makes it difficult for employees to work online and see their screen, but also puts furniture and floors at an increased risk of fading. By installing UV and glare reduction window film, you can get the solar protection your office needs and help your employees stay focused and productive.

  • Minimizes glare by up to 95%
  • Blocks 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Prevents eye strain and fatigue
  • Extends the lifespan of furniture and preserves its vibrancy
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Office Building Safety & Security

In New York City, having a good security system for your office is a must. Recent data has showed that violent crime rates are on the rise throughout the city, so it’s important that businesses take precautions. Our safety and security window films provide comprehensive for New York offices and commercial buildings.

  • Increase glass flexibility, preventing breakage and injury
  • Delay intruders during forced entry attempts
  • Provide protection from high speed winds and natural disasters
  • Prevent slip and fall injuries and accidental damage to windows
  • Protect vulnerable surfaces from vandalism
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