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Window Tint for New York City Schools & Universities

Window tint offers New York City schools and universities a budget friendly way to retrofit existing windows for improved security and energy efficiency. At New York Commercial Window Film, we are highly familiar with the architectural needs of schools in the New York City area and are experts when it comes to all the latest window tinting products and technology. Whether your goal is to save money or add security or decoration, we’re confident that our team can help find the perfect window film to accommodate the needs of your building and keep your staff and students safe and happy.  

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Window Film Benefits for Schools & Universities

With budget cuts increasing each year, it can be difficult for schools to find money to make much needed renovations without cutting into funds that are needed for supplies and teacher salaries. Window film provides schools with an affordable way to make changes to their building and can save a tremendous amount of money on energy costs. From grade schools and daycares to colleges and higher education, schools of all types in New York City can enjoy the many benefits of window tint such as:


  • Energy savings: Window film maximizes the insulating value of glass, providing a year round solution that can save schools tons of money on energy expenses.
  • Glare reduction: Tinting your windows is a great way to reduce the amount of glare in your classrooms and can help your students focus better on their work.
  • Safety/security: Bomb threats, vandalism, and intrusion are just some of the many safety challenges that schools face. Window film helps protect students and staff by reinforcing and strengthening glass, deterring unwanted entry.
  • Aesthetics: With window film, you can easily create custom signage for your school’s entrance or add decoration and privacy to any area of your building. Choose from exciting decorative options like whiteboard film, frosted film, and patterned/textured tint.


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