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New York Commercial Window Film is the largest and most widely recognized window tinting contractor located in New York City. Our dedicated customer service and extensive track record of producing successful results has made our company continually trusted over the years by commercial property owners all over the New York City metro area, including the areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Newark. We carry a vast selection of energy saving, security, and specialty window films are are able to accommodate the needs of any building.

Whether your goal is to go green and reduce your energy usage or simply create a stylish look for your interior, we’ve got the perfect window film for you. We partner with some of the best window film manufacturers in the world like 3M, Vista, LLumar, and C-Bond. This gives you access to tons of different types of window film in a variety of finishes. When you work with us, you can count on the very best results and an above-satisfactory experience that lasts.

Today’s window films are much more versatile and innovative than those of the past. Window film is taking the place of many traditional features because of its low cost and ease of use. Updating surfaces, improving window performance, and strengthening glass have become easier, more efficient processes. At New York Commercial Window Film, we’re committed to providing you with the best in today’s window tinting technology. Work with New York’s trusted window film company today!

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Window Film for Retail Spaces

Retail spaces have a lot to benefit from commercial window film solutions. Optimize the buying experience for customers by providing a comfortable internal temperature and eliminating glare. Increase brand visualization and create promotional ad space using customizable decorative film. The possibilities are endless with window film. Whether you’re looking to prolong display product life with UV protection film in your SoHo boutique or protect your store valuables from smash-and-grab burglaries in your Chelsea retail space, we’ve got you covered.

Window Film for Office Spaces

New York office spaces have a plethora of advantages to experience from commercial window film solutions. Improve employee productivity with daylight redirecting film. Save significant energy costs with energy efficient window tint. Window film is a great ROI and offers office buildings an affordable way to optimize the workspace. Whether you’re looking to resurface your Upper East Side office building’s exterior in order to heighten tenant retention or reduce interfering glare in your Greenwich Village high-rise, we’ve got you covered. As New York’s trusted window film contractor, we have the commercial solutions that you need.

Why window tinting?

The largest factors contributing to energy costs in commercial structures are heating, cooling, and artificial lighting. It’s estimated that these expenses account for approximately 60% of total energy consumption for the average office building, totaling thousands of dollars each year for many businesses.

Window tinting provides a solution that can reduce energy consumption while increasing natural brightness and eliminating dependence on artificial lighting. It’s also an effective and aesthetically pleasing way to add security, protect against uv rays, create privacy, decorate, and more.


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New York Commercial Window Film is acclaimed for providing innovative, affordable window film solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We’re proud to help our community transform dysfunctional, existing rooms into practical, comfortable spaces. Our award winning customer service sets us apart from other window film contractors. Experience the Scottish Difference and discover solutions with a great ROI.  

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Does your lobby, conference room, or office lack the seclusion it needs to be comfortable? Privacy window film is the perfect choice! Window tint adds an increased level of privacy while creating a warm, inviting interior that welcomes ample natural light. It’s a sophisticated and elegant choice for conference conference rooms, restroom areas, hospital and hotel rooms, employee break rooms, and more.

glare reduction window film new york

Glare Reduction:

There’s nothing worse than trying to be productive and being constantly distracted by glare, no matter what you do. Glare can be a problem year round for buildings that receive a large amount of sunlight or are located in open spaces. Window tint provides a solution that can reduce the amount of glare on computer screens and TVs in your building and help prevent eye strain and energy loss. Start exploring glare reducing films for your space today!

commercial energy saving window film new york

Energy Savings:

An overwhelming number of commercial buildings experience energy loss due to poor window insulation. Unfortunately, replacing windows isn’t always practical. It’s a budget-draining endeavor that interrupts business operations. Our window films are the perfect alternative. Window tint makes single pane windows more energy efficient by creating an insulating barrier that retains warmth during the winter and rejects heat during the summer, preventing dollars from being lost due to energy waste.

uv protection window film new york

UV Protection:

Natural light is beautiful, but it has one downside. It exposes your property to detrimental uv radiation. With window film, you can enjoy the views and natural light while protecting your furniture, valuables, and interior from fading. Window tint harnesses the power of spectrally selective technology to block out 99.9% of UV radiation while maintaining optimal brightness and glass clarity.

anti graffiti film new york


Graffiti can do more than just damage your business’s reputation. It can also put a hole in your wallet and cost a fortune to repair. If you’re tired of repairing graffiti damaged areas over and over, look no further! Our graffiti protective films are just what you need! Anti-graffiti film creates a protective covering for mirror, metal, and glass surfaces that guards against scratching and graffiti and helps save money on repairs.

hd-clear-window-film-New York

Decorative & Promotional:

You’ve spent time, money, and research on making your brand perfect. It deserves to be showcased front and center in your property! Window film can help your business stand out and attract new customers. With decorative window film, you can easily add graphic decals, logos, and decorative art to the walls, windows, and glass surfaces of your building. It’s perfect for restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, and more.

ballistic resistant window film

Ballistic Resistance:

The world is full of hazards. There’s no telling what will happen any given day. But with a ballistic resistant window film system, you can be prepared for whatever comes your way. Our company partners with C-Bond Systems to bring New York City the most advanced ballistic resistant window film systems on the market. These revolutionary security window films give ordinary glass extraordinary strength and help protect building interiors from danger.

new york bomb blast window film

Bomb Blast Protection:

The potential for blasts are a real and serious threat for schools, manufacturing plants, industrial buildings, and laboratories. Blasts can cause major damage and send deadly glass shards flying everywhere. Bomb blast window film provides a solution that helps mitigate damage from blast related events and explosions and protects occupants from being harmed. These revolutionary window film systems are designed to absorb blasts and minimize damage from explosions, helping to protect commercial properties and those inside.

exterior glass refinishing new york window film

Exterior Refinishing:

The New York weather is brutal. It can take a serious toll on the exterior of your building over time. It’s common for many New York buildings to develop window chips or cracks over the years. Window film covers and conceals unsightly glass defects, making aged or historic glass function more efficiently and appear newer and more modern. Choose from stylish decorative window film options or a classic reflective style to create the perfect look.

Elevator-film-New York

Elevator Refinishing:

Trying to remove scratches or graffiti on elevator doors is nearly impossible. There’s no commercial cleaner in the world that can remove graffiti. And trying to eradicate it on your own could cost you a fortune. Window film makes elevator refinishing both easy and affordable. Window film restores damaged metal, mirror, and glass surfaces to their original appearance by disguising damage and concealing any signs of wear, corrosion, or deterioration.

bird strike prevention film new york

Bird Strike Prevention:

The more buildings we have, the more at risk birds become. Birds are a key species and help maintain the natural balance of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, urban zones like New York City put birds at risk because of the obstructions in their natural flight path. When birds see sky and clouds being reflected in glass, they can’t tell the difference and crash into them head-on. Bird safety window film offers a way to prevent this and protect local wildlife.

New York Commercial Window Film offers fast and affordable window tinting for commercial buildings in the New York City area. Work with New York’s trusted window film company. Call our office today to receive an estimate on window tinting in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Newark, the Bronx, or the surrounding area or schedule an appointment for a free consultation!

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