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Commercial Window Tinting Benefits for New York City

New York City is an important center for business on both domestic and international levels and many consider it to be the financial, cultural, and media capital of the world. Running a business in New York City can be challenging due to the high level of competition and financial expense that comes from being in such a densely populated urban agglomeration.

Window tinting provides New York City businesses with a way to increase profits and save money on operational expenses. It reduces energy consumption, protects against dangerous hazards, creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and provides extensive benefits for businesses and commercial properties.

Experience Architecture in a Whole New Way

Window tint can open up a whole new world of opportunities for your business and allow you to experience architecture in a way you never imagined possible. Window tint transforms ordinary glass into eye catching works of art, reduces glare, creates privacy where needed, and protects against the sun, intruders, and other dangers. It’s an all-in-one solution incorporated into one easy to maintain product.

privacy window film new york


Window tint is a stylish and modern way to create an increased level of privacy in your building. It’s a more affordable, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional window coverings like blinds and curtains that block out light and can be custom printed in a variety of styles and shades.

Creates privacy for conference rooms, lobbies, tenant rooms, and more
Offers a more economical alternative to frosted or custom glass
Controls visibility while providing optimal levels of natural sunlight
Available in textured, reflective, patterned, tinted, and specialty prints

glare reduction window film new york

Glare Reduction:

Glare makes it difficult for people to watch tv screens, causes employees to become distracted and lose focus, and can eventually lead to health problems as a result of eye strain. Window tint can dramatically reduce the amount of glare in your building and create a more comfortable environment for everyone.

Eliminates up to 87% of glare on electronic devices
Decreases the risk of eye strain and fatigue
Improves student and employee focus and productivity
Filters and diffuses light for a more relaxing, comfortable environment

energy efficient window film new york

Energy Savings:

Energy expenses are one of the largest contributing factors to operational costs for commercial buildings. In New York City, many businesses spend a fortune each year on heating and cooling costs because of the weather conditions, but with window tint, your business doesn’t have to be one of them. Window tint makes structures more energy efficient and can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a building.

Lowers winter heating costs by up to 15%
Saves up to 20% on summer cooling expenses
Extends hvac lifetime and reduces run times
Provides a full ROI in three years or less on average

uv blocking window film new york

UV Protection:

Window tint can help maintain the beautiful, vibrant appearance of your office or business and protect valuable items, antiques, and flooring from fading. Window tint uses advanced technology to filter the spectrum of light and block out harmful uv rays while allowing visible light to pass freely through your windows.

Rejects up to 99.9% of incoming uv radiation
Prevents fading in furniture, fabric, and flooring
Preserves historical documents and antiques
Decreases risk of skin cancer and uv related illness

anti graffiti film new york

Anti Graffiti:

Graffiti not only looks unpleasant, it can also cost a fortune to remove. Anti graffiti films provide a money saving alternative for making graffiti repairs by overlaying graffiti ridden surfaces to create a fresh looking appearance. They’re perfect for stainless steel, metal, mirror, and glass applications.

Restores damaged metal signs, elevators, restrooms, and more
Conceals scratches in glass, mirror, and metal surfaces
Protects underlying surfaces from being damaged
Saves money on mirror and metal restoration

decorative promotional window film new york

Decorative & Promotional:

Window film can make your building look stunning inside and out and help you advertise your sales, promote your brand, and attract new customers to your business. And it’s available in a wide range of styles including textured, frosted, and patterned so you can create the exact effect you desire based on your preferences or business needs.

Creates attractive looking storefronts for retail and dining locations
Adds privacy to conference rooms, restrooms, and other areas
Available in etched, frosted, patterned, dichroic, and custom graphic prints
Provides an easy way to make custom signage and professional logos

ballistic resistant window film

Ballistic Resistance:

In a big city like New York, you can never be too careful when it comes to safety matters. Crime happens everywhere and it’s to you as a business owner to protect your building and the employees or occupants inside it. Ballistic resistant window film systems can shield your property from unforeseen dangers and mitigate damage from ballistic attacks.

Strengthens and reinforces glass and window film products
Stops intruders fast in their tracks by creating a tear resistant barrier
Minimizes destruction from accidents, natural events, and intentional damage
Protects occupants from deadly blasts, explosions, and gunfire

new york bomb blast window film

Bomb Blast Protection:

Bomb blast protection window film uses the power of strong adhesives and advanced attachment systems to lessen the effects of impact from blasts and explosions. It’s a smart choice for schools, military buildings, manufacturing plants, and other commercial properties where blasts may be a potential threat.

Promotes the safety of students, staff, and occupants during emergencies
Fastens broken glass securely in place, minimizing devastation
Protects against forced entry, bomb blasts, IEDs, and strong winds
Facilitates recovery by lessening the severity of damage

exterior glass refinishing window film new york

Exterior Refinishing:

Window film can help renew the exterior appearance of your building by eliminating cracks, chips, and aesthetic defects in your windows. Our company carries a wide range of window tinting products for exterior refinishing including reflective and tinted styles as well as custom options.

Rejuvenates the appearance of aged or damaged glass
Adds energy efficiency by sealing window cracks
Absorbs excess heat and rejects ruinous uv radiation
Makes historic buildings look safer, newer, and more up to date

elevator refinishing window film new york

Elevator Refinishing:

If the metal panels, doors, or mirror in your elevator has been damaged by scratching or graffiti, window film can provide an affordable solution for making the repairs. Window film restores damaged stainless steel, metal, and reflective surfaces in a pinch, saving you the headache of having to endure the financial burden of expensive repairs.

Hides scratches and marks on metal, glass, and mirror surfaces
Gives aged elevators new shine and vibrancy
Provides a more efficient and economical alternative to replacement
Makes elevators look cleaner and safer for customers to use

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