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Commercial Window Tint for UV Protection in New York City

UV rays can wreak havoc on your furniture and flooring and pose serious health risks to your employees. Commercial window tint provides New York City businesses with a solution that protects against uv damage and prevents fading. Window tint regulates which spectrums of light are able to pass through your windows. While visible light enters freely, 99.9% of uv rays are blocked completely, keeping your staff, belongings, and building safe from the sun.

UV Blocking Film in New York

Protect the health of your employees.
UV radiation is the number one cause of melanoma and if your employees are exposed to too much of it, their health can be impacted severely. Window tint provides a solution that can help keep your employees safe from uv rays and protect their skin, eyes, and health. Window tint contains uv blocking power that’s equivalent to SPF 1000 and is smart solution for skin cancer prevention.

Prevent fading in furniture & flooring.
Many people associate skin cancer with the sun, but the truth is that uv radiation is equally as present in cloudy climates like New York City and the rest of the East Coast as it is in sunny areas. Too much exposure to uv rays can deteriorate your office furniture and flooring and cause surfaces to fade. Window tint can help guard your space from uv rays and keep it looking beautiful and vibrant.

Create a bright, welcoming space.
With window tint, you can feel free to welcome the beautiful sunlight into your space without worrying about the health hazards of uv rays. Window tint employes spectrally selective technology to regulate and control which types of light pass through your windows. While uv rays are thwarted, visible light passes through with ease, keep your space warm and welcoming.

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