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Commercial Window Tint for Exterior Refinishing in New York City

It’s common for buildings in the New York City area to suffer exterior wear over time. Prolonged exposure to sun, snow, and humidity can take a toll on your windows and cause them to chip, crack, or lose their insulating power. Commercial window tint provides New York City business owners with a solution for exterior refinishing. Exterior refinishing can make your New York City building look brand new, save money on glass repairs, and improve indoor comfort.

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Save money on window repairs.
Many building owners neglect glass repairs because they are expensive, but this is a mistake. Chips or cracks in your windows can make your building look worn down and deter customers from wanting to visit your place of business. Exterior window tint offers an affordable alternative to window replacement and has a far superior ROI.

Modernize the look of your building.
If your business is located in an aged or historic building, you may want to consider exterior window tint for aesthetic reasons. Exterior window tint makes older buildings look newer and more modern by repairing wear in exterior surfaces. Exterior window film discreetly conceals glass defects and gives windows new shine, luster, and brilliancy.

Add energy efficiency & insulation.
Window chips and cracks don’t just look unsightly, they can also cause issues with insulation. Heat can easily seep through window cracks, causing your hvac system to have to work harder to keep up. Window tint covers window cracks and prevents heat from escaping or entering your building, making it more energy efficient which saves you money.

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