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Window Tint for New York City Museums & Libraries

Many museums and libraries contain valuable historic archives and items that need to be protected from the sun. Our window tint provides New York City museums, libraries, and art galleries with the perfect solution for preserving documents and artifacts by blocking uv radiation without obstructing light while also providing security and aesthetic enhancement. When you work with us, we’ll help you find a window tint that compliments the architectural appearance of your building and provides you with the solar protection you need.

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Window Film Benefits for Museums & Libraries

Home to the Museum Mile and a glittering collection of art galleries and libraries, New York City is known for its cultural diversity and contributions to the arts. Window film is a natural choice for New York City libraries and museums and can be custom printed with any color, graphic, or appearance. In fact, museums and libraries can benefit from window film in a variety of ways such as:


  • Aesthetics: Window tint adds depth and color to glass partitions and surfaces, creating a high end, artistic look. It’s perfect for modern styled buildings as well as more traditional designs.
  • UV protection: UV rays from the sun can cause fading in historic documents, books, artwork, and fabric. Window tint guards valuable items from uv rays by filtering out ultraviolet light.
  • Theft prevention: Security window tinting can help prevent thieves from breaking into your building and stealing valuable artifacts and items. Security window tint creates a tear resistant barrier that slows down intruders, providing precious response time.
  • Graffiti protection: Window film can help prevent the surfaces of your building from being defaced by graffiti. Window film creates a protective overlay that covers and shields underlying surfaces.


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